Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Open Window Secret

I have a secret.

It's this little secret that gives my home that bright and sunny look all the time. It's this little secret that makes my home seem welcoming. It's this little secret that ensures good moods most of the time. It's this little secret that keeps me on track.

Yep, I have a secret.

It's open windows.

Yes, my secret is open windows.

In springtime and fall, that means literally open windows! In the freezing cold of winter and the sweltering heat of summer, it means at least open curtains/blinds.

Some of you may share my secret.

Aren't we sneaky?

Having at least the curtains/blinds open lets in the sunshine. Having the windows open in your home lets in fresh air, nature sounds, and cool breezes (or warm ones!) It helps us remember that there is a big old world out there and we in our little house are but a part of it. It makes us appreciative for the shelter we have (especially when open during a thunderstorm!).

There is nothing like sunshine to make people happy. I have known people who never, ever opened the curtains/blinds in their homes. They lived constantly in dim, artificial light. That isn't good for people! Open those blinds! Let the sun shine in! Natural sunlight makes everything look softens lines and makes lovely shadow patterns on the floors and walls.

Open windows welcome people in. They say, "We're all a part of this same big world, come in for a chat and some cookies!" Open windows show people that we have nothing to hide. As homeschoolers, I think this is very important. Anyone and everyone who walks past our house can see us hard at work inside. There's no chance of people thinking we're "those crazy homeschooling neighbors who stay inside behind closed curtains all day doing who knows what!"

Letting in the sunlight and fresh air can be both relaxing and invigorating to the spirit. Remember being a kid and how eager we were to get outside on beautiful sunny days? I think this goes back to my whole "life beyond the window" philosophy. We cannot be outside all the time, but we can welcome the outside in as much as possible! I even love to sleep with my bedroom windows open at night. The background noise is soothing and helps me to sleep and I love the cool breeze blowing in over me in bed.

Keeping your curtains/blinds open helps keep you on track in your daily duties. Can you imagine putting off cleaning if the mess in the living room could be seen by everyone who walked past? Don't use that as an excuse to keep the blinds closed, open those blinds and clean up that mess! Also, when the curtains are open you won't want to be walking around the house in your pajamas at noon with messy hair, you won't be tempted to let your kids sit there and watch TV all day long, you'll be sure to keep up with daily homeschool activities. There are countless benefits to open windows!

You'll find the curtains and blinds open every day at my house. Pretty much every day that the temperature is anywhere between 65 and 85 , you'll find the actual windows open. Now, some days the curtains get opened earlier than others! You can tell what kind of day I'm having by how soon my curtains are drawn! Some days I'm up before the sun and the curtains are opened while it's still dark out. Some days I'm not so bright and cheery and it may be nine or ten in the morning before they're opened. On days when I'm sick or in a lot of pain it may be noon before I open things up. But they'll always get opened up eventually!

I want my house bright as the sunshine, refreshing as the breeze, and always welcoming the outside world and all its inhabitants inside!

So that's my secret.

Open those windows and let the beauty of nature and God's marvelous world flow into your home!

You'll be glad you did. I promise.

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