Friday, January 15, 2010

The Perfect Wife...What He Said

I asked my husband to sit down and write out what makes a "good wife" for me, so I could use it in a blog. Well, that blog is up and coming, but I just wanted to go ahead and share with you what he wrote.

I think he's a keeper. And, yes, he made me cry ;o)


You asked me and here it is. It's probably not the best I could give you. It was hard trying to balance between telling guys how to treat their wives, and what I think makes you the beautiful person you are and I probably didn't convey it as best as I could, but here's what I have.

What makes a perfect wife? I don’t know. If you ask one hundred different guys, you’re going to get one hundred different answers. It varies depending on the person. Heather has asked me to write what I think the perfect wife is. I can tell you no one is going to agree with me completely. My idea of the perfect wife is not going to gel with another man’s idea of that mythical woman.

I can tell you, however, in my life she’s not so mythical. She exists. She sleeps less than a foot away from me every night. She’s in my thoughts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She’s the first person I pray about and thank God I’ve been given that perfect woman.

So what do I think are the attributes of a perfect wife? Well let’s see.

A love of God. First and foremost our Lord should be number one in her life. I see that in my wife, probably more so than in myself. No decision in her life is made without input from God’s Word, or in prayer. She does everything she can to provide a Godly upbringing in our children while I’m away. I see those fruits in our children, who talk openly about how we should love God and go to church and live the way the Bible tells us we should.

Beauty. Not physical beauty, though Heather is absolutely the most beautiful creation God has gifted the Earth, and because of that we also have three beautiful treasures. I’m talking about a beauty that can only come from a relationship even greater than the one she shares with me. The foundation of her life gives her grace, confidence, compassion, a respect for others. All of these things contribute to the beautiful person that she is.

Strength. She’s the strongest person I’ve probably ever met. The life she’s lead meant she had to be strong. There was no other option. She also knows when, no matter how strong she is, she can’t do everything alone.

Unconditional Love. I’ve screwed up. I don’t know any man who hasn’t. I’ve never once though, in eight years of marriage, felt unloved. No matter what I do, Heather loves me. She loves our kids. She doesn’t have to. It would be very easy to say, that person isn’t worth the trouble and walk away. Love endures. The greatest gift on Earth is the love of a Godly woman, and I have that. Love gets stronger if you work together through hard times.

Knowing She Can’t Do Everything By Herself. My wife hates it if she can’t have the house clean and everything ready when I get home. We have 6 people living in our house and it’s a constant battle to keep things clean. She calls me anytime she thinks the house won’t be perfect when I get home to ask, “Will you still love me if the house is messy when you get home?” My answer is always, “Of course”. She doesn’t like having to ask for help with anything, but I always tell her, she’s only one person. I love her no matter what. Marriage is a partnership. It takes both people constantly working together to make everything work. One person can’t, and shouldn’t have do it alone. It takes both people to keep the house going. It takes two people to raise kids. When both partners understand that life works out much better.

There are a billion things that make the “perfect spouse”. No person is perfect aside from God. Focus on the big things, and all the small things will fall into place.

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