Friday, January 15, 2010

When Mothers Pray

"Your helplessness can actually open a door to hope. As O. Hallesby, the great Norwegian prayer-theologian said, 'Prayer is for the hopeless.'

"When our understanding of how little we can do is coupled with our faith in all God can do, we open the door to his power. We then come to Him with a 'humble and contrite heart that knows we can't merit anything from God or change the situation ourselves. We just surrender to Him like an infant surrenders to his mother's care.'

"Hallesby uses a wonderful analogy we mothers can easily identify with to explain this secret of effective prayer. 'Your infant children cannot formulate in words a single petition to you. Yet the little ones pray the best way they know how. All they can do is cry, but you understand very well their pleading. Moreover, the little ones need not even cry. All you need to do is see them in all their helpless dependence on you, and a prayer touches your mother-heart, a prayer which is stronger than the loudest cry.' "

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