Monday, February 1, 2010

Curriculum List for 2010-2011

Per request from some facebook friends, here it is:


2010-2011 School Year

Theme for the Year: American History up through the Civil War

Jake - 2nd grade

Becca - 4th grade

Katy - 7th grade

Bible Study

*For Bible Study this year, my hope is not actually include it as part of the “School Day”, but rather to have a family Bible Study each evening, led by my husband, with readings from the Bible and discussion.


*All history lessons will be done together. We are using a literature-based approach. Daily readings and discussions will happen as a group, with age-appropriate assignments based on what we’ve covered that day. Books we’ll be reading and materials we’ll be using:

A History of US Books 1-6:

1) The First Americans

2) Making 13 Colonies

3) From Colonies to Country

4) The New Nation

5) Liberty for All?

6) War, Terrible War

Plus accompanying teaching guides

Drive-Thru History Series:

1) Columbus, the Pilgrims and Early Boston

2) Soldiers, Jamestown, and the Heroes of Virginia

3) New York, New Jersey, and Washington’s Warriors

4) Patriots, Penn, The Freedom Trail: Philadelphia

5) Foundations of Character Homeschool Kit

History Pockets: Native Americans

Native Americans: A Tribute DVD

Between Earth & Sky: Legends of Native Americans

History Pockets: Explorers of North America

Meet Christopher Columbus (Landmark Books)

Desperate Crossing DVD

Cut & Assemble the Mayflower

The Landing of the Pilgrims (Landmark Books)

History Pockets: Colonial America

Cut & Assemble an Early New England Village

Colonial House DVDs

Discovering America’s Founders DVD

Founding Mothers: Women of America in the Revolutionary Era

Meet Thomas Jefferson (Landmark Books)

Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia (Landmark Books)

History News: Revolution News

History Pockets: The American Revolution

Just the Facts: Declaration of Independence DVD

History Channel Presents: War of 1812 DVD

National Geographic--Lewis & Clark--Great Journey West DVD

History Pockets: Moving West

Oregon Trail CD-ROM

The Oregon Trail DVD

Make a Model American Fort

Out of Ireland DVD

Underground Railroad (History Channel) DVD

History Pockets: American Civil War

Biography: Abraham Lincoln--Preserving the Union DVD

Gettysburg (Landmark Books)

Cut & Assemble a Southern Plantation

Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Children

From Sea to Shining Sea for Children

The Light and the Glory for Children

American Heritage Series DVDs

Cooking Up US History

Interactive 3-D Maps, American History


*In addition to their English workbooks, each child will be assigned two-three writing assignments (length based on age) each week, some on topics of their own choosing, some on topics I choose

Hand in Hand: An American History Through Poetry

The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children’s Poems

Noah Webster’s Advice to the Young and Moral Catechism

(for discussion, copywork, and dictation)

American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 Facsimile Edition)

2nd Grade Bob Jones English

4th Grade Bob Jones English

7th Grade Bob Jones Writing & Grammar

Bob Jones Spelling 2

Bob Jones Spelling 4

Handwriting Without Tears Grade 2

Handwriting Without Tears Grade 4

Fiction (mostly historical) for read-alouds, these I will check out from the library

Plus books for individual age-appropriate reading assignments, these I will check out from the library as well


Horizons Math 2

Horizons Math 4

Saxon Math 8/7 (7th grade)


For the younger kids:

Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day

(with Notebooking Journal)

Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day

(with Notebooking Journal)

For Katy:

Gen Science Textbook & Companion CD

Art & Music:

America’s Musical Life: A History

A History of American Classical Music (book & CD)

Colonial & Revolution Songs CD

Authentic Music of the American Indian CD

Continue using Bastien Piano books to teach piano

American Folk Art for Kids

Great American Artists for Kids

Come Look With Me: Art in Early America

Come Look With Me: American Indian Art

Foreign Language:

Rosetta Stone Spanish Homeschool Version, Part 2 (for Katy)

Plus, of course, lots of PE and "home skills"!


  1. It all looks awesome! I love looking at all your goodies and I want to look more into each of them!I plan on posting mine up when I get a chance!Thanks for doing this!

  2. Cool Heather!!! We both will have a 4th/7th Graders!!! Awesome! Maybe we can have a discussions with "The History of US!!" I am so excited to use those books! Thank you for sharing!! ;)




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