Thursday, March 11, 2010

Books, Books, Books!

As of yesterday I have received my final shipment of books for next school year (2010-2011). As promised, I'm posting pics here of all the wonderful goodies I ordered!

A History of US by Joy Hakim, books and Teacher's Guides
we are using books 1-6 this year, and will do books 7-10 the following year

Ah! The homeschooler's most beloved item
An 1828 reproduction copy of Webster's Dictionary!

Apologia's Exploring Creation with General Science
for my 7th grader

Bob Jones English/Writing & Grammar

Bob Jones Spelling and Handwriting Without Tears for the 2nd and 4th graders

Saxon Math for my 7th grader

Horizons Math for the 2nd and 4th graders!

Apologia Science's Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 & 2
we will use book 1 and part of book 2

What Charlotte Mason lover doesn't love field guides?

our cut-and-assemble projects
Tony will have to help with these!

History Pockets for every area of history we're studying

Between Earth and Sky (a book of Native American legends)
Revolution News
Cooking Up US History
Interactive 3-D Maps: American History

Landmark chapter books:
Meet Thomas Jefferson
Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia
The Landing of the Pilgrims
Meet Christopher Columus

Civil War Road Trip Guide (that will be our vacation next summer!)
Founding Mothers
From Sea to Shining Sea for Children
The Light and the Glory for Children
Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Children

Oxford Illustrated Book of American Poems
Hand in Hand: An American History Through Poetry
Noah Webster's Advice to the Young and Moral Catechism

Yeah, yeah,
Test practice
Going to give them all the CAT test at year's end

America's Musical Life
A History of American Classical Music with CD
Colonial and Revolution Songs
Authentic Music of the American Indian

Come Look With Me: American Indian Art
Come Look With Me: Art in Early America
American Folk Art for Kids
Great American Artists for Kids

Our DVD Collection
Desperate Crossing
Drive-Thru History America (complete series)
The American Heritage Series (10 DVDS)
Lewis & Clark
The War of 1812
Out of Ireland
The Underground Railroad
Biography: Abraham Lincoln
The Oregon Trail computer game--woohoo!
Drive-Thru History Foundations of Character series


  1. WooooooooooooW...You got the Cooking Up US History!!! I want that, does it look good?

  2. Yes, actually, it looks great!

  3. Did you go to a Convention and buy the whole thing!! LOL!! just kidding! Or buy stuff on-line??
    All looks Awesome!! Love it!! :) Where do you buy most frequently from??

  4. I buy a little here, a little there, LOL. Actually, this year most of it came from Amazon, but some things I picked up at our local educational supply store.

  5. We have several similar books on our order list!! I have Cooking Up World History & love it! I also bought Eat Your Way Around The World. That's a really neat book too. There's a US book just like it. Eat Your Way Through The USA.

  6. Hi, Heather. This is Mike Weeks. I'm very happy to see that you plan on using my book, The Complete Civil War Road Trip Guide, on your vacation. (I use Google Alerts to track my book online, and it brought me to your page.)
    I hope that you and your family have a great time and learn a lot in your travels. You are close to some of the best preserved battlefields of the war, and hopefully my book will help you find some of them. If you need questions or tips, let me know - I'm not hard to find. Best of luck! (URL is my Amazon author page/blog)



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