Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Living Room

On Tuesday I tackled the living room, which wasn't that bad. I just wanted to rearrange the furniture. We actually rearranged just a couple of months ago, but I had decided that I liked it better the way we had it in the first place, and so I moved everything back where it was in the first place!

the living room before

rearranged...I think it makes it seem more cozy this way

lots of family pics!

the piano where Katy is learning to play...and where I learned to play many years ago! plus bookshelves of course!
"The living room, unlike most other rooms in the house, does not have an obvious physical function. A kitchen is where food is prepared, a dining room is where it's eaten, and bedrooms are for sleeping. But what is a living room for? The name indicates the answer--it is for living. This means conversation, reading, resting, napping, and other assorted activities. And all such activities are to be built on the bedrock of humble sacrifice. As mentioned earlier, the central principle of godly living in a Christian home is the principle of "my life for yours." This means love and humility is what makes a living room a living room. In what room of the house should you give your life away? Well, of course, in all of them, but what room is particularly suited for this? A life should be offered in the living room."
"There is also the practical question of layout. If there is a desire for something to be central, then it's necessary to arrange for it. Conversely, if the desire is to keep something away from the spiritual center, then it would be wise to not put it at the physical center. There is a vast difference, for example, between a living room arranged for conversation and a living room arranged for television watching. Promote what you want to promote."

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