Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Master Bedroom

I got a late start Saturday working on the master bedroom. It was after dinner before I even got going! I forgot to take a picture "before" but remembered to take a pic "during" at least! Here is my room about a half hour into the cleaning process:

Tony and I worked on this room together. There was no way I could have rearranged all that heavy furniture by myself. We moved our bed to the opposite wall, under the windows, moved out the vanity and in a computer desk. We had hoped to have new bookshelves (in fact, that is part of the reason we got such a late start...we were out looking for shelves) but couldn't find the ones we wanted at any of the stores we went to. So I guess we'll have to order them and until then we'll just have stacks of books sitting in our room (so what else is new, right?)

It was Sunday before we finished, but I'm very pleased with the new furniture arrangement and look forward to picking up a few things next payday to pretty the room up a bit more.

So here is the room looking much cleaner. It is so funny, I did not realize until I looked at this pic that you can actually see the outline of two people's heads and shoulders on the headboard! This bed is 62 years old. It was a wedding present from my grandfather to my grandmother when they got married in 1948. When my grandmother passed away, I got the bed. I am laughing now as I look at this picture, thinking of the 60 years this bed has had a man and wife sitting in it, leaning against the headboard, leaving their mark.

Guess a refinishing is in order, huh?

Our main computer finally died this past week, so we decided to put the desk in our room. I have been wanting one in there for quite some time so I can sit in there where it's quiet to write or work on lesson plans. So this was perfect! Notice all the schoolbooks for next year stacked up next to it, LOL!
So, the room is clean. It still needs bookshelves but those will have to wait a few days (weeks?).

Now, I'd like to share with you a little inspiration and food for thought concerning the master bedroom:
Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled...
~Hebrews 13:4a

"One of the ways to honor the marriage bed is to actually spend some time thinking about the bed, and about its surroundings...

"There are two important points here. One is that a married couple should design and/or decorate the bedroom as though they were not highly spiritual gnostics or mundane pragmatists. The bed should not be just a place to dump the laundry. One of the ways to honor the marriage bed is to make that bed in the morning. The room should not be a chaotic jumble. When this happens, a negative
"architectural" statement is being made, and the statement is that whatever goes on here is comparatively important

"Of course, the marriage bed is honored as we keep the vows that we have made concerning it, but honor is not something that can be contained invisibly in the heart. What would we make of a man who was faithful to his wife sexually but who constantly belittled her? We could say he was honoring his vows in some sense, but in another important way, he was not honoring her. Honor must have an external rhetorical expression, whether in standing, saluting, or some other form of communicating. One way to honor the marriage bed is to see that the sheets are changed regularly, the bed is made, and the bed and surrounding room are decorated appropriately. By this means a couple are saying they esteem what occurs there.

"The second principle concerns the manner of honoring the bed privately in the way the couple treat one another sexually. The theme of "my life for yours," which is to permeate the rest of the house, should be pervasive here as well. There are few areas (I actually cannot think of any) where neglect of this principle has more devastating effects. Selfish grasping is a bad deal throughout the house, but in lovemaking, selfishness--where communion is designed to be the closest--creates a monstrous hypocrisy of the whole business and drives the couple farther apart than they could have imagined possible. If "my life for yours" does not govern in this realm, then sexual relations are made deadly and the font of all bitterness."
(Wilson, Douglas. (2004) My Life for Yours: A Walk Through the Christian Home. Moscow, ID: Canon Press)


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the headboard 'prints' it's kinda of amazing if you think of all the years of couples sitting up next to each other talking. Neat!

  2. Aww, thats so sweet about the bed. I'd leave it like that. :-)

  3. I wouldn't refinish it. I would leave it exactly as it is. That bed has a history. What an amazing story it has to tell.

  4. I wouldn't refinish it either, I'd leave it just the way it is.



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