Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Cleaning

The signs of spring are all around! The official start to this beautiful season is 15 days away, but here in Tulsa it is a beautiful sunny 70 degrees. There are birds chirping all around the house from dawn til dusk.

You know what that means...time for spring cleaning!

Now, while some women may dread this particular task, I absolutely love it! After being cooped up inside for months during the winter, I am ready to open the windows, let the fresh air in, and clear out the clutter that has accumulated while we've all been stuck here inside together.

So, this year, I'm blogging through my spring cleaning. The next few weeks' weather forecast shows lots of warm and sunny interspersed with some rain/thunderstorms! Both are perfect cleaning weather to me (I love thunderstorms!). Each day, I'm going to tackle a different room, and get this: I'm going to be brave. I'm not only going to post the pretty "after" pics, I'm even going to show you the before pictures! EEK! I do this to show you that yes, I'm a real person with real messes, and no, you're not alone! But...BUT...with a cheerful attitude and a little elbow grease, it's amazing the things you can get done!

So, starting tomorrow, I'll go through one room at a time (taking Sunday off) and should be finished by next weekend! I'll also be posting some of my favorite verses, quotes, and excerpts that go along with whichever room I'm working on that day! Stay tuned!


  1. 70 degrees?? I'm jealous! lol! Good luck with the cleaning, I am looking forward to my own. Nothing like a clean house with the windows open and the sunshine and fresh air pouring in to make one's spirits soar! (Or am I just crazy? haha) :-D



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