Sunday, April 4, 2010

School or Prison, Answers Revealed

I'll give 10 points to the person who can tell me which of these buildings in my town is a school, and which is a prison.

Alright, the answer:

Pic #1 is of Davis Correctional Facility

Pic #2 is of Clinton Middle School

Clinton is the school I went to for 6th-8th grade, but it didn't look like that then. Up until this past year, it looked like this:

I loved the old building. It, along with the other schools I went to, always had big huge windows. The teachers would often have the windows open, letting the classrooms flood with sunlight and fresh air. In the classes where we were allowed to choose our own seats, I always went for a seat by the window!

For whatever reason, they tore down the old building and put up the new monstrosity. I call it the Big Blue Prison. More and more schools are looking like this. I had to go all the way around the school just to find windows! Can you imagine being inside a building all day long with no sunlight? I'd go crazy in there!

Yesterday we drove past the prison on the way to my MIL's house for Easter. It struck me that there are great similarities and few differences in the look of the buildings: iron fencing all around, few windows, big heavy bolted doors.

I realize it is supposed to be for the safety of the students, but really, I know that I could not learn in that environment. I don't know how anyone could.


  1. The only way to tell is to sit in front of them at 3pm for the shift change to see if it's children or adults coming & going. Other than that, it's pretty much the same. Unfortunately, it's about the same way on most job sites too. You're not truly free unless you are part of the Free Enterprise system, owning your own business. Otherwise, someone else still tells you when you must come & go, and if/when you will eat, sleep, & pee between those two times. Public education is simply preparation for a job or jail. But they're all three coming from the same mindset.

  2. um....first one is prison, second is school? (total guess here)

  3. At first impulse, I would say #1 is a school and #2 is a prison, but we have a 9th grade academy up here that looks like a prison, so idk, hehe.

  4. First one, prison. Second one school. But I cheated, I live in this town.

  5. I would say #1 is the school, but from the tone of the question, I'll guess that #2 is the school....both are sad looking.



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