Monday, July 5, 2010

Good Housewife/Bad Housewife

Good Housewife/Bad Housewife

I have decided I have a split personality. Not an official, diagnosable psychotic disorder. Just a normal, every day run-of-the-mill split personality. I have two sides. I call them

Good Housewife


Bad Housewife.

Some days (I'd say two-thirds of the time), I am Good Housewife. I find great joy in clean laundry and made-from-scratch cookies and long hours reading to my kids. All that stuff you're supposed to do.

But sometimes....oh, sometimes....

I become Bad Housewife. I get sick of cleaning, washing, scrubbing, chopping, frying, reading. On Bad Housewife days I look at the crumbs in the floor and the dishes in the sink and I think, "Ya know what? I'm not doing it!" And it's not that oh I'll let the dust sit awhile so I can enjoy time with my kids type of not doing it. It's the I'm gonna veg out, eat huge bowls of ice cream while watching grown-up movies and surfing the net while the kids play video games all day type of not doing it.
In all honesty, I think this is probably pretty normal.

I can only give, give, give and do, do, do so much before my brains screams enough already! I can only be good and selfless for so long! I am worn out, absolutely exhausted and I'm going to stay in bed til noon and daydream about what I'd do with five million dollars and then I'm gonna let the kids fix their own lunches while I watch movies on Netflix all afternoon.
Bad Housewife sticks around for a day, two at the most, and Good Housewife comes back happy and refreshed from her days off.

Just so you know I'm not perfect and I'm totally real just like the rest of you :o)

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