Monday, July 5, 2010

Peter Pan Boys

We're gonna be like Peter Pan!
We're not gonna grow up!
When it's time to be a man
We're not gonna show up!
Just a disclaimer: this post is NOT written about any particular person. Don't anyone get the wrong idea and think I'm complaining about anyone I know (though I'm sure I know plenty of guys like this). I'm just ranting in general.
Have you noticed lately that the world is overrun with Peter Pan boys? Everywhere you look you see little boys in men's bodies. Guys who would rather spend all their times playing games (interpret "games" however you'd like, a hundred different things could be included) than manning up for their families? Or the guys who think that having the perfect body, perfect looks makes them cool? Or that being physically strong somehow makes them a man?
What makes a man? A real man?
A man is willing to work his tail off to provide for his family, but wise enough to to know when to quit and go home and actually spend time with that family.
A man is concerned about health and cleanliness but realizes that there are so many more important things than physical appearances.
A man is willing to risk his life fighting to protect his wife and children but doesn't feel the need to seem dangerous or menacing otherwise.
A man pursues both knowledge and pleasure in turn, but realizes that sometimes providing knowledge and pleasure for his loved ones is more important than his own interests.
A man knows how to please his wife in bed and keeps the passion alive through flirting and foreplay, but doesn't feel the need to covet the glances of other women.
Today we are surrounded by guys who are self-centered, selfish, immature, and juvenile. They have throw-away relationships or "settle down" and make life miserable for themselves and their families because they obviously care more about their own fun and pleasure than the needs of the family that depends on them.
Life as an adult is hard, guys. Life as a husband and father sometimes means sucking it up and putting others first.
Grow up, boys.

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