Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Van Gogh in the Bathroom

Each week, we have a different classical music piece that we listen to. Usually we will listen to several works by the same composer over several weeks. This month we've been listening to Beethoven. Oftentimes on Fridays we will incorporate art and music together and do "interpretive art," which basically means we listen to the music over and over and the kids draw/color/paint what the music makes them think of.

Last week, we were listening to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, and when I asked, "What kinds of pictures does this make you think of?" the oldest piped up and said, "I know the perfect picture to go with this song! It's in the bathroom!"

Now, most people might think it's a little strange that bathroom art could be associated with Beethoven, but most people probably don't have the same art in their bathroom that we do! You see, Taschen makes these art portfolios which contain several (I want to say 12 each?) 11 x 14 inch prints of famous art pieces. You can pull each of the prints out (they are printed on good quality, thick poster-like glossy paper) and display them however you want. It just so happens that hanging in our bathroom is this print from the Van Gogh book:

Starry Night Over the Rhone
by Vincent van Gogh

Well, of course this picture goes perfectly with Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata! How awesome is it that Katy thought of that, made that connection. She was never "taught" van Gogh and yet for the rest of her life she (and the other kids!) will recognize that painting because they looked at it every time they went in the bathroom! In case you're wondering, there are other van Goghs and some Monets all throughout the house. I hope to buy more of the portfolios soon!

Now THAT is natural learning!

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  1. I have got to get some of those pictures!! I have been trying to think of ways to "naturally" teach art/music to my boys because reading about it bores them to tears!! Oh, and how do you listen to those composers every week? Can you ind them on the internet or do you purchase cds or something? Keep up the great work and congrats again on your coming baby :)



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