Monday, May 23, 2011

22 Reasons

After a long weekend that was great fun...right up until we almost ran into a tornado and what should have been a 4 hour trip home turned into a 10 hour one, I have thought up...

22 Reasons I Love My Husband

1) For walking through crowds of women in short shorts and wet tops and still having eyes only for me.

2) For pushing me up the steep hills, which does actually help, LOL

3) For holding my hand and walking slowly with me when everyone else rushes ahead.

4) For always being willing to ride rides with the kids, even when everyone else is too tired.

5) For loving me even when I'm hot, sweaty, and tired.

6) For loving me even when HE is hot, sweaty, and tired.

7) For keeping as close a watch on our kids as I do, because two sets of eyes area always better than one.

8) For standing strong for us even when he's exhausted, or worried, or scared.

9) For the amazing ability to rub my aching shoulders without hurting my sunburn!

10) For helping make dinner even when I say I don't need help.

11) For letting a tired, sweaty little boy sleep with his head on his arm while driving.

12) For laying on a sofa bed and rubbing my baby belly while we go to sleep.

13) For putting me and the kids first, everyone else second, and himself last.

14) For driving 10 hours, sleeping 3, then getting up and going to work even though he must be exhausted.

15) For noticing when I have Braxton Hicks contractions and asking what is wrong.

16) For helping me think of things to distract the kids when they were upset by the storms.

17) For playing Apples to Apples in a McDonald's 200 miles from home to keep the kids occupied.

18) For buying me a drink every time I needed one and not complaining when I needed to stop every time we passed a restroom.

19) For knowing exactly what I want to drink from each place we go to without even asking.

20) For kissing me, standing close, sitting so that we touch, and holding my hand every chance he gets.

21) For getting us home safely on pitch black roads in the middle of nowhere at midnight with only a piece of paper reading, "71 North, 160 West, 69 South, West @ Vinita," and the grace of God to guide us.

22) For never losing his head or his temper no matter what, for thinking clearly and taking care of us. I'd trust that man with my life, and the lives of our children, any day.

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