Friday, July 8, 2011

New Year Details: Chores

The last new thing for our school year this year is a new chore chart. The kids have always helped out around the house but this year I finally decided to make an actual assignment list. Each child has two or three things they are responsible for each day, in addition to keeping their own rooms straightened up.

I decided to go with an actual chore chart this year, honestly, to make it easier on myself. With a new baby coming, I think it will be better to have the kids on a more routine cleaning schedule. we have about 9-10 weeks to get used to doing these things before baby Andrew arrives. It is my hope that the kids will be so used to doing these things by the time he comes along that the cleaning will go right on without any (or much anyway) input from me.

I also made a list of what "deep clean bedrooms" entails and put one in each of the kids' rooms. It says:

* Put away all dirty laundry
* Put away all dirty dishes
* Throw away all trash
* Put all toys away neatly
* Put all books and papers away neatly
* Clean out from under bed
* Make sure shelves are organized
* Put away any clean laundry
* Make sure closet is organized
* Sweep
* Scrub floor
* Wipe down walls and baseboards

Just in case you look at the chart and say, like my oldest daughter did, "So....YOU don't have to do anything?"...I will still be doing the laundry every day, washing the dinner dishes, scrubbing the toilet, keeping all the shelves and closets in main rooms organized, and deep cleaning mine and Tony's taking care of a baby!

It is my hope that we get used to the daily schedule, the school schedule, and the chore schedule enough before Andrew arrives that the household continues to run smoothly even when my schedule is "interrupted." (Not that a baby is really an interruption!)

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