Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Year Details: The Curriculum

12 days til we begin our 2011-2012 school year! Here are the books we are using as our curriculum this year (sorry for fuzzy pics, I took these with the 3DS when our camera was messed up)...

For Becca and Jake:
Sonlight's Language Arts 4 with readers and read-alouds
the books are for reading (obviously)
and the purple binder contains all assignments and projects

supplemental videos for history
in addition, we have LOTS of documentaries and such in our queue on Netflix!

History books for all:
our main "backbone" of history is books 6-10 of A History of Us (we did 1-5 last year)
plus some projects books and individual readers

For Katy: One Year Adventure Novel for language arts...
by the end of the year, she'll have written her own novel!

For Katy: 8th grade Exploring Creation with Physical Science
the last chapter kind of scares me..."An Introduction to Astrophysics"...YIKES!

For Becca and Jake: Exploring Creation with Zoology 3
Exploring Creation with Botany
We will start with Botany and see if we have time to do Zoology at the end of the year
(they have already done Zoology 1 & 2 and need a break from all the animals!)

Art: Great American Artists for Kids
(each week we study a different artist and do an art project based on their work)
Music: Let's Learn Music (for theory...
plus composer composer for 6 weeks for a total of 6 composers this year)
Foreign Language (American Sign Language) : A Word in the Hand, Book 1

For Katy: Saxon Algebra 1/2
For Becca: the last 2/3 of Horizons Math Level 4 (she struggled a lot last year so we are going to extend level 4 to two years)
For Jake: Horizons Math Level 3

We also have a wonderful Bible story book "The Children's Bible" which does a great job of telling the Bible in story form without watering it down a bunch. We will be reading from it each day as well as having weekly memory verses.

Add some field trips and whatever projects we come up with along the way, as well as plenty of nature exploration, and that's our school year!

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  1. great curriculum set up!!

    I have the Saxon and the Exploring Creation 6th day too!



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