Monday, October 31, 2011

A Crazy Messy Loud Halloween

Actually, in all honesty, it was a pretty calm, clean, quiet Halloween this year. Normally my mother throws a big party for all the grand kids but due to her health problems this year she wasn't able to. Our girls are too old to trick-or-treat, of course baby Andrew is too little, Jake is the only one of trick-or-treating age and he hasn't ever seemed to care much about it either way.

So we decided to have a simple Halloween at home this year. Over the last week we made some decorations, like our pumpkin patch scene on the dining room wall, plus we made a sign to announce the holiday (each of the kids colored four letters and I colored two, then Jake made an exclamation point, and Katy climbed up on a chair to tape it all up)...

And we made spiders earlier in the week...

With our decorations up, we started the day like any other Monday...with schoolwork! The kids tried their best to talk their way out of working today, but it didn't work! We finished up our work, had lunch, the kids did their chores, and just as they finished, my mom came by to spend some time with us. She hung around while we baked some goodies and listened to the Halloween playlist on

Tony came home bearing pizza (you can't beat Little Caesar's $5 pizza deal!). After everyone had their fill, Tony and the older kids carved our pumpkin into a friendly jack-o-lantern (I was holding a fussy Andrew).

After the pumpkin carving my mom went home, and I pulled out the goodies for the kids...of course there was candy...

And Jell-O jigglers shaped like pumpkins!

As well as cookies and brownies...

We let the kids eat more sweets than they normally would get to, but we did put a limit on how much! We ate our goodies while watching Disney's Halloween Treat.

Then we all changed into jammies, straightened up, and washed the dishes. I settled into the rocking chair with Andrew while the kids watched Tony play our favorite family video game (and Tony's favorite game period, I think) which just happened to be perfect for the night: Luigi's Mansion!

He played til bedtime for the two middle kids, then it was hugs and kisses and tucks into bed. At the moment it's 9:32 pm and Andrew is still awake (after two 10 minute cat naps this afternoon and a 45 minute nap this evening)...but, he's awfully cute in his special spooky PJs!

It's been a nice fun day all around, now here's hoping that once Andrew finally falls asleep, we'll get a good night's rest! And tomorrow: November!

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