Thursday, October 27, 2011

Everyone Hail to the Pumpkin Song!

It's been a pumpkin-y sort of week here at the Crazy Messy Loud house. On Sunday I got the urge to make sugar cookies. I had my dough all made and was prepared to roll it out and use my pumpkin cookie cutter...but then Andrew started getting fussy. Since rolling and cutting takes awhile, I opted for the quicker version: I made simple drop sugar cookies. Pumpkins are round, right? I whipped up some powdered sugar icing for them and used up the last of my autumn sprinkles and voila! Pumpkin cookies. Or at least pumpkin-like cookies. By the way, they were REALLY good!

Monday evening I got the idea for making a pumpkin patch scene on the big blank wall in our dining room. Normally this wall is used for school-related posters or charts but lately we haven't had anything important up there so I decided we needed some color on the wall. We each made a pumpkin to represent us and I asked Katy if she would like the task of creating the scene for the pumpkins to go in.

Boy, oh, boy. See, I would have just started cutting and sticking stuff up on the wall til I thought it looked right. But not Katy. She got out graph paper, measured the wall, and started methodically figuring what size each thing would need to be...

And then she set to work...

It was Tuesday morning before we finally finished. I think it looks quite nice. I made Andrew's pumpkin, by the way. Katy thought we should add our cats, Rose (on top of the sign) and Pebbles (on the ground) to the picture since they're part of the family, too. The whole thing is about four by six feet! I'm thinking now that we have the basics of the scene up, maybe we'll leave it up and change with the seasons...the Miller Snowman Farm in winter, Miller Flower Garden in spring...and something in summer (any suggestions are welcome!)

Our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch was scheduled for Wednesday. So when I was up with Andrew at about two that morning and it was storming like crazy, I was worried. The stroller had been left sitting outside and would now be soaked. All the pumpkins would be wet. And what if it rained all day? I was considering not going and just picking up a pumpkin at Wal-Mart when I went grocery shopping, but oh, no! The kids were appalled at the thought! So we dried off the stroller the best we could (Andrew would be in the car seat snapped into the stroller anyway, so he wouldn't get wet), took some towels to dry off pumpkins with, dug out our jackets for the first time this year (it was about 58 degrees out) and set off...

At least it was sunny out, and the pumpkins were mostly dry. We took pictures as fast as we could (it was COLD and WINDY!) Because we were facing into the sun, in most of the pictures...the kids have their eyes closed. But I was cold and so I was in a hurry to get the pics done and pick out our pumpkin. Andrew was actually asleep through the picture taking, but I got this adorable picture of him!

And here's the pic of all four of them (four of them! still getting used to saying that), maybe we can just pretend they were all asleep? LOL!

We picked our one big pumpkin to take home and carve on Halloween night, and each of the kids got a tiny pumpkin of their own. Well, Becca picked a gourd instead, because she has to be different. It's been a lovely pumpkin-y week so far and we have five days left for our Halloween activities! Stay posted!

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