Sunday, March 11, 2012

In the Midst of the Storm

It wasn't a storm, really, just some steady spring rain.  But the wind was from the south, which mean the rain tap, tap, tapped loudly against our southern windows.  In the room that our boys share, the big windows face south.  Andrew, just two days away from six months old, has really never experienced the sound of rain on the windows before.  He was born into a mild autumn in which only sprinkles fell, followed by a mild winter.  Now spring is fast approaching and with it comes the rain.  

It was three in the morning when he first woke up.  One time up in the middle of the night, though not exactly normal for him any more, is not really abnormal, either, if that makes sense.  On occasion he'll wake up once, eat, and go back to sleep.  So, I thought he would do that this time.  But he didn't.  Twenty minutes after I laid him down, he was up again.  I was still up, too, sorting through some troubling thoughts in my head and spending that wonderful middle-of-the-night quiet time alone with God with we mothers sometimes have to take advantage of.

So I got him out of bed and rocked him back to sleep.  Again and again, I would lay him down, a little while later, maybe 15 or 20 minutes, the wind would pick up, blow the rain loudly against the windows, and he would wake up again.  And again, I would pick him up and rock him back to sleep, singing every lullaby I could remember as well as lots of old hymns (I'm a true Southern Baptist, so that means all four verses, LOL).

This last time as I sat rocking with that sweet little warm body cuddled up against me, I thought once again how much parenting can show us about God.  Oh, how often we are troubled by the storms of life.  Sometimes they are real whoppers - the tornadoes and hurricanes of life. Sometimes they're just a little rain but the wind blows around and makes them seem far worse than they are.  But, lovingly, patiently, God picks us up time and again and holds us close to comfort us.  Isn't it a beautiful picture, to think that God holds us as we hold our babies?  To think that the sweet comfort we can offer them is the same comfort God offers us, if we'll just relax against him and trust that he will take care of us and protect us?  

I like it.  But right now, the baby is up again.  And I'm going to go hold him.

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