35 Things Every Child Should Have By Age 3

I posted this once where a few people could see it, but now it's here for everyone!

35 things that every child should have by the time they turn three....

...though maybe not what you expected!

By the time he turns three, a child should have:

1) the chance to splash in the bath as much as he wants

2) the chance to jump in rain puddles

3) at least one afternoon playing in the mud

4) the opportunity to help stir the cookie batter...

5) ...and then lick the spoon

6) the chance to hear their favorite story read...over and over and over

7) a late night or early morning rocking with Mama or Daddy, singing songs in the darkness

8) the chance to make a GIANT mess

9) the chance to FINGERPAINT

10) an afternoon outside blowing bubbles

11) regular opportunity to roam in nature - the woods, a field, near a stream, the backyard!

12) the chance just once to use markers...on their arms/legs/feet/belly!

13) a game (or two or three) of flashlight in the dark

14) the experience of going outside at night in her jammies to look up at the moon in all its glory

15) many chances to run through the grass with bare feet

16) the chance just once to run too fast, climb too high, and go up the slide the wrong way

17) the gift of having heard a plethora of songs and music styles

18) the chance to run through the house naked

19) to chance to bring in handfuls of sticks, grass, and leaves without being told 'no'

20) to opportunity to play a real instrument - banging a drum, pounding piano keys, blowing into a recorder

21) the chance to experience a real flower using ALL the senses

22) the gift of having spent most of the time with the TV OFF

23) people around him who engage him in real conversations - not baby talk

24) exposure to animals in real life - not just in books/on shows

25) exposure to art in real life - never too early for a trip to the museum

26) the opportunity to feed herself - no matter how messy

27) the chance to play in the rain

28) the chance to play in the snow

29) the experience of having a bug crawl on them - ladybug, roly-poly, caterpillar, whatever!

30) the gift of being read to EVERY SINGLE DAY

31) ready access to art supplies - every day

32) time to snuggle with Mama (or Daddy) when sick, sleepy, or sad

33) exposure to people of all ages, while still maintaining one or two primary relationships

34) the knowledge that there is at least one person who he can trust completely to always take care of his needs

35) to have been introduced to God through song, story, and most importantly, through the day to day life of the people around her.

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