Monday, January 16, 2012

Being Mindful

Today, as we go through the ins and outs of daily life with our husbands and children and all the work to be done in the home, stop and take a moment to think about this: are we MINDFUL or are our MINDS FULL?  

If your mind is too full of worry or stress, or if you're too busy planning days or weeks (or months!) ahead for menus or schoolwork, or if you're focused on your own desires instead of the needs of your family, then your MIND IS FULL.  If your MIND IS FULL, you cannot be truly MINDFUL of the things that matter.  

We must be mindful of the spirit within our home, within our children, within ourselves.  We should be full of the Holy Spirit but too often the pressures of daily living bring out the worst in us instead.  I challenge you to give you worries and stresses to God, plan for the future, yes, but do it this evening when the kids are in bed.  Die to self and live for others and for God.  Be mindful of the needs of your family.  Hug your children, kiss your husband.  Cook a special meal. Light a sweet smelling candle.  Open the windows if the weather allows and let some fresh air in.  Laugh a little.  Listen to your little one's stories.  Play with your kids.  Slip your arms around your husband when he gets home tonight and let him know how much you still love him.  Clean out some clutter and say good riddance.  Make something with your kids, ask your teenager how they're feeling.  

Remember to not be so MIND FULL that you are not MINDFUL.  Ask God to help you and I promise He will!

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